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Rotating/Resetting Levels

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    Rotating/Resetting Levels

    I've got a project with varying multiple floor levels in parts of the building. I just went through the exercise of rotating the project. I'm afraid I may not have done it right but it's too late to undo and redo.

    What I've done is reset the project North 270 degrees relative to the original which aligned with true North. After that I rotated our models and annotation. Copy/monitored column lines did not work as expected and I accepted the fact that I would have to redo them. It was at that point that I should have realized that the (unseen) levels would behave similarly and not go along for the ride correctly.

    Initial searches revealed that there may be a better, although not very intuitive, procedure for rotating project North in existing models. I can imagine that my naive method could severely break a model that has been developed at all. This project is in a very early state and the the things that broke were either easily fixed or just deleted.

    What I'm looking for is a way to rotate the existing copy/monitored levels or a way to replace them without too much work.

    I think that I'm starting to get my head around this.

    The extent of the levels can be reset to be maximized to the extents of the model, whatever that is. The individual levels can be confined to the appropriate corresponding extents of the areas by using scope boxes.

    Arrrrgh... So much time spent researching this in relative to another project and finally found a thread from 2010 on this site explaining it.


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