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Linking Status Code To Drawing Status Text

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    Linking Status Code To Drawing Status Text

    We're starting to use PAS 1192 on our projects which has predefined Status Codes and I wanted to some how link these to the tile block in such a way that if the status is "S0" that our drawing status changes to "Work in Progress", or similarly "A" changes drawing status to "Suitable for Construction" etc. Below is the table from one of our projects.

    Is it possible to do this by means of using parameters and statements? I tried to us an if statement but this doesn't work with text.

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    Hmm.. How about making Types for each different status, with the code and description set as type parameters? Although that would be in the title block itself, not schedulable in the Sheet parameters.

    Personally I find this extremely clunky system of manually updated status codes one of the worst features of the PAS 1192 BIM standard. It shows how clearly the process is just copied from the BS1192 standard for managing 2D drawings.
    They even say in the UK BIM Level 2 course at the BRE that collaborating using Revit Server is not in accord with
    PAS 1192, as that involves linking each others Work in Progress models...

    I think it would be far better to not do this at drawing level, but at model level. So use worksets to divide the model into the different status levels, so others can see in linked models what is work in progress and what is ready for coordination or costing, or turn off WIP worksets completely.

    Then you could make a set of drawings for each status that shows only the relevant workset and print them all off regularly without needing to change anything on the title block or sheet.
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