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    View Range in Revit 2017

    Hi All. New Member here...

    How do I set up the view range to show everything that i need to show on 1 plan.
    I draw on First Floor which is set to 2720mm
    I want to view the Walls below the first floor and be able to work with them from first floor level.
    I want all the brick walls to be hatched unless there is an opening (Generic Model) in the wall
    I want to see the hollow core slabs (Structural Framing) - as this is my main purpose for using revit.
    I also need to show walls on top of the hollow core slabs in a dashed line.

    This is what it looks like with my current plan view and view range.

    In the clouded area there is an opening as per 3D

    This opening shows hatched on first floor plan, but i want it to show like this View Range also.

    But now my Hollow Core Slabs (Structural Framing) does not show up properly and I can't select them, to change details.
    I had a workaround with this, by making the opening height 2720 if I only needed to submit a 2D Plan, but want it in 3D to be correct as well

    Any suggestions
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    Leave your view range as is (2300/1200/0) and use the underlay function instead. Just select the view you want as an underlay
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      You can also use a Plan Region to show elements outside the view's range.


        Originally posted by CADiva View Post
        You can also use a Plan Region to show elements outside the view's range.
        Is there any way to do this without a plan region.
        We have multiple openings that takes time to change all of them?


          This is regarding a plumbing layout. Waste, Vent, Domestic...
          Current problem is that the walls from the floor below are showing up due to my needed to set my view range below my current level (waste/vent). I haven't had this problem in the past. Is this an issue with the AR model? What is the easy solution? My initial thought is to set the view range to finish floor and place plan regions where I need my pipes to display. Is this really the only way???


            I just created a similar Coordination View to show Toilets and the structure below.
            Since my View Range was set 2'-0" below the Level, I had the same problem with Walls on the lower level showing through.
            I kind of cheated and set the color for Walls Projection to white, and left the Walls Cut unchanged.
            As I say, it's kind of cheating, and does have a few graphic oddities like an occasional gap in the structure, but it's an internal Coordination View, so we can live with it.
            Toilet-Structure showing.PNG after Toilet-Structure white.PNG
            Dave Plumb
            BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

            CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


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