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    Pipe Tee's or Tap's

    Every once in a while if I have a run of pipe that is not connected to the main line it does weird connection things. Instead of a Tee coming off at a 45 it will bump the pipe and come off vertically as a Tap. Other times will connect to the main but then add two or three other random fittings. Just wondering if others have had this issue and how they fixed it? Or if someone knows if I have something set wrong? I am using R16.

    The short, not-exactly-helpful answer is that this screwy behavior happens sometimes with pipes and ducts. It's gotten better than it used to be back in the 2010-2011 days, for what that's worth. The thing I've noticed about this screwy behavior is that it's consistent, there's always some specific thing you're doing that sets it off. Figure out what that thing is... and then don't do it. Like I said, not exactly helpful!

    All that said, I never use Taps for pipes.


      Ok That is what I was thinking it might be. For now it doesn't really matter if I use a Tee or a Tap but at in the future we are wanting to do more prefab and then I will need to use Taps at the right time. Thank you for your input.


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