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Warning for placing family on too much of a slope...

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    Warning for placing family on too much of a slope...

    The majority of my families use a type catalogue. With this I use somewhat of a failsafe to make sure people are inserting them correctly rather than just dragging them into the project (this happens a lot!)

    By this, I mean I have a red box drawn around the model with 'DO NO USE' in big red letters. The unit description is also set to DO NOT USE. This red warning has a visibility parameter which is only set to zero by the text file along with the correct description. If the unit is dragged into the project they see the warnings, if they go through the insert-->component route they don't see it.

    What I would like to know is, is there a way of achieving something like this of when a family is placed on a surface that is outside of a given tolerance. What I mean is, our units must be installed on a flat surface or a sloped surface of no more than 10° from flat.
    Can I have a visual warning appear if the model is placed on a surface that it more than 10° off of flat?

    I'm guessing 'no' but I'd love to hear if you lovely people have a special trick for this.