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    I'm trying to create a beam system in Revit like the one in the picture. I have all of the columns set up, but I'm not sure how to make the beam system triangular (or on an angle, I guess). Also, can I create beams on a slant (the black ones)?
    Alternatively, I already have this modeled in Rhino and I know that I can import it as a mass family, but I need to apply a material to it. Is that something that I can do using the Rhino information instead of building it from scratch? Thanks!!

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    I am unsure about importing Rhino to Revit, however I have heard good reports about it. It is fairly easy to assign materials in revit, so theoretically this part of the workflow wont pose much of a problem for you.

    I have generally seen Dynamo used to get good results out of Rhino/Revit workflows, but I am not a dynamo specialist - there is a dynamo segment on this forum you could ask there if people have experience running scripts from rhino to revit and automatically applying materials.

    You could fairly easily model this "by hand" (ie remodel it in revit) it doesn't look too complicated but certainly you will gain a lot of time if you can work out a transfer workflow from Rhino to Revit.


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