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Extending a roof line to determine wall height

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    Extending a roof line to determine wall height

    Hello all, New to Revit Forum and glad to be here.

    I am designing a basic 24x36 garage/shop. On the back side of the shop will be a small addition (8x12) I want to extend the roof line of the main building over this section and have the height of the roof line determine the height of the back wall. Here is a screen shot of what I have.

    Thanks in advance.

    I can't see your screen shot for some reason. But, just edit the roof sketch and put the edge of the roof where you want it. Finish the sketch. Then, select the new walls and use the "attach top / base" tool to attach the walls to the underside of the roof. When you do that, you can go to an elevation or section and tag / dimension the height of the wall at the roof line.

    Or, draw another roof and align it with the old roof (to get it at the proper height). Not sure if you want it to be one roof in the model or not. Same thing after that.


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