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Grouping Stairs

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    Grouping Stairs

    Is there a trick to grouping stairs that I'm missing? I've tried grouping the stair & railing, the stair +subcomponents & rail +subcomponents, and every other combination I can think of and it is refusing to function properly. I did find this guy on the Autodesk forum and when I tested it things worked (woo!) but when I actually tried to do anything with it... epic fail.

    The railing is not continuous around the stair (no rails on the landing) which seems to be part of the issue. If I group it with a continuous railing things seem to be OK... :banghead:

    edit: attached a file that hopefully explains it.
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    Stairs and especially railings in groups really suck. I try to avoid grouping them at all if possible, even on higrise projects with changing level to level heights.

    edit. Multi storey stairs work better than grouping and copying stairs level to level but still bug out a little on taller buildings because of the .000000000 revit accuracy thing.
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