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changing area boundaries

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    changing area boundaries

    Dear Sir,
    I have a revit drawing which has some very minor changes in area boundaries of gross floor areas. a detailed area working with links to area summary exists in the drawing. i am not able to edit these area boundaries. whatever I try, the outline of the area boundary does not get selected for editing. i deleted one of the areas and then drew the new boundary but when i try to assign that area, the old line gets recognized, not the one that I made.
    what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you Ashwini

    Sorry to ask this, but are they pinned? I know you cannot select them, but if the "select pinned objects" toggle is off, you won't be able to pick anything pinned.


      Thank you for helping me.

      No they are not pinned. Revit recognizes the old area boundary even after i delete it.
      I thought boundary editting would be very easy and possible with basic tools, but whatever I try its not working.



        Area boundaries are lines that are drawn individually and deleting an area will have no effect on them. You will have to figure out why the area boundary line isn't showing (VG>>lines>>Sub category <Area Boundary>, or use Reveal Hidden Elements) then delete the line and the area will update.
        Brian Mackey |BD Mackey Consulting


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