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    One-Way Section

    A curious, never before seen, issue today;

    New section gets placed = all is well (type, and it's respective VT, shows all as it should be)

    Copy said section (in exact same place), flip it = all is well except it loses (complete) sight of linked models.

    Checked/Tested so far:
    (section) View Type
    Moved the section
    Create a new section (rather than a copy)

    Nothing, and I mean nothing (apart from the orientation) of the section is different (to the ones looking the 'other' way)

    It's almost like my Revit is suffering from a Zoolander complex. :crazy:

    Any one seen similar and know why? As you can imagine, it's quite a bind. :banghead:

    How far is the far clip set? Ive seen a number of views (callouts, sections, elevations) that wont show linked files unless the far clip is set to some random minimum like 5 feet, even if the section cuts RIGHT through part of the link...
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      It was 'wafer thin' (enough with the movie references) - so we danced it back and forth with no change. I've just been into another model (where the section should truly live anyway, but that's a fleshy-interface issue) and all works there with no issue - so it's even more of a mystery.


        Snowy I have seen this before with clients models. Have never been able to get it to work. We ended up creating elevations and doing a reference other view when creating the section or vice/versa. I believe they even sent it off to Autodesk and never got an answer or resolution.
        Brian Mackey |BD Mackey Consulting


          Reminds me how a section won't show cut topo pattern under 26mm (1inch coincidence) view depth. Hmmm.
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            In the case I had the view limits could be turned off set to a small amount, crop region off etc. It didn't matter it just wouldn't show the linked model. To make it even more weird you could hover over them and see them highlight but that is the only way they were visible.
            Brian Mackey |BD Mackey Consulting


              Well I'm glad I'm not losing my mind.


                I had this happen with an elevation view last week. It would show the linked model, but when I showed by linked view the linked model disappeared. The weird thing was that I had just done the same process on 3 previous elevation without issue. I had to remove the View Template for it to show up (even tho it was the same one use for the 3 previous elevations) and create a new one from the view, which I then applied to the other 3 and all worked fine.

                Not sure why this glitch happens but you are not alone in it.
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