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Issues with allignment constraints

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    Issues with allignment constraints

    Hi - I am trying to create a simple family, based on the attached file. In this instance its a mobile bench where I can change the width, depth & height. I cant seem to currently adjust the height, where the vertical extrusions alter to the correct height depending on the input size.

    It maybe because I have grouped the castor and an extrusion? if I ungroup these items, it corrects the issue but I then cant get the extrusion to move when I adjust the width or depth.

    Can anyone point me in the eight direction and why I cant seem to get this to work correctly

    Many thanks
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    Currently, you are trying to move each item in the group relative to the family's origin (that's a simple way of explaining how Revit looks at this stuff). I would make the castor its own family and load it into this family, then it will function more like you are expecting.
    Chris Ellersick


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