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Pipe-in-pipe, containment pipe, double-wall pipe ?

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    Pipe-in-pipe, containment pipe, double-wall pipe ?

    Hey guys, first post here!

    I need help finding double wall pipe and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. From what I understand, Revit does not have a double wall piping tool (is there an add-in that might be able to do this). I have read a lot of people are placing their pipe in the model and then just adding insulation to simulate the double wall pipe. I am hoping to actually be able to model it correctly as a double wall piping system.

    Thanks for the help!!


    If I absolutely HAD to model it as pipe in pipe due to pre-fab or BOM needs, then yes, model both pipes. If it is just for base design/coord, then I would go with the insulation route.

    This is where a savvy Dynamo user would write a tool that would effectively double up your pipe system in place with the new larger size for the containment...
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      I would suggest making a new Pipe Type (And Fittings) that has outside diameters consistent with the outer pipe for the inner pipe nominal diameters.
      That way you can model/change it easily without messing around with double pipes or insulation, and still use it in calculations.
      No one is ever going to see the inner pipe detail..
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