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Revit 2018: Flow parameters associated with Calculated connectors

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    Revit 2018: Flow parameters associated with Calculated connectors

    I think that Autodesk changed it so that you can no longer edit a flow parameter that is associated with a connector that is set to 'calculated'. Can anyone else confirm this?

    I'm not sure how I feel about that, as I liked the option to enter my own value even though it would get overwritten if I modified any flow in the system.

    edit: This seems false though, since it's only happening to one of my families.......
    edit 2: nope, even new families have the same behaviour.
    So many edits: If I link the connectors then I can edit the flow parameter.
    Last edited by evan.dodds; June 13, 2017, 09:16 PM.

    But why would you want to change a calculated flow? Surely this results in more manual work, no way of knowing what has been updated or manually filled in, loss of data when someone reconnects/regenerates without checking what the flow was, and a total lack of trust in the total flow results for your systems???
    Personally I never use Additional Flow in pipes for the same reasons, and that is at least filter/schedulable...
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