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Jason Grant: Autodesk University Sessions to Check Out #AU2011

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    Jason Grant: Autodesk University Sessions to Check Out #AU2011

    Two readers had told me their AU classes and while I should have put this up sooner, better late than never. Both of these are Revit Structural classes but I have found that there is something to be gleamed from any discipline as long as they are great sessions. These two guys are good at what they do and I think they will be great leaders at Autodesk University. Registration is suppose to open today. Sign up soon since the great sessions fill up quick.
    SE4254 – You Want Design? Structural Engineers Can Do Functional Graphics in Autodesk Revit Structure Too! Allan Brown
    His explanation below really showcases something that every discipline user of Revit struggles with. How do you graphically show what has been reviewed and what needs work. I have looked over Allan’s handout and he already has an impressive start to completing the handout and information for the presentation.
    The idea of the class has really came around from working with design teams and even internally and how we communicate with each other. How do we let each other know what elements have been designed or what has not, how do we know when people have tweaked the analytical model, have users assigned structural elements to the correct reference levels, how do we tell what is constrained and what is not. These are things that more times than not users do not provide graphical feedback so other users can understand how the model has been built and what level of completion it is at. The other idea is how to manage design, not everybody round trips through analysis models, a lot of people still work from design overmarks, so how do we convey that from within the model? What I've tried to do is create something that's very basic in nature to create, but can provide you a wealth of information that aids not just other design team members and anyone you are worksharing with, but it also helps yourself keep track of the model.
    SE3520 - Modelling Concrete and Steel Projects using Revit Structure Graham Stewart
    Anything that has to do with best practices and project setup is very beneficial since a good start will help assist in having a smooth project.
    This class is designed for structural engineering professionals with beginning or intermediate experience in Revit Structure. This class will cover a combination of best practices on how to model in Revit Structure, including project setup, using scope boxes and filters, various types of schedules, and general modeling principles. Attendees should have general Revit Structure knowledge
    AB4564 – Autodesk Revit for Presentations: Graphics That “Pop” Jason Grant
    Don’t forget to check out my session. Here is the description and a little teaser video for you.
    This class will focus on the art of a drawing and how entourage, tweaking settings, and not using Revit out of the box can add "feeling" to your drawings rather than just displaying your walls, doors, and windows. Focusing on using Revit as your main presentation tool and output, we will explore how techniques that are applied using other graphics and modeling software can be mimicked within Revit to create a more efficient workflow as well as drawings that will impress. Custom families and settings will be shared.

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