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    Accessibility to parameters


    I've searched web and had no luck in finding answer to a simple thing, so I ll ask here...

    This is what I want to create with a Family:

    Step 1: The user checks the first parameter (Yes/No)
    Step 2: Once he does that, the other parameters become available.

    I'm pretty sure that this is possible. How can it be done?

    I will make a Family controlling types which differ not only by dimensions. Since it will require alot of parameters, I want to gray out the ones that are not in the user interest. If a user chooses a certain option, he will access new parameters. The whole idea is just to make it easier to read and follow.

    The example video you're referring to is an OOTB function, that Autodesk gifted themselves, being the program authors, that isn't exposed to us regular users in the same way (same applies to Y/N switches for a number of other items in Revit) - and the short answer is, no, not as you would appear to like.


    There are ways to have "Input" and "Control" parameters, one that is exposed (often written in simple, user-responsive language), the other does the work, (but also catches any errors in the user entry), i.e.

    <Override Length> = Y
    <Custom Override> = 99mm
    <Length Control> = if(Override Length, Custom Override, 0mm)


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