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Properties and Project Browser Frozen

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    Properties and Project Browser Frozen

    So I just had this issue this morning, the timing was superb as I was supposed to give a lesson this morning for revit and found myself unable to do anything for 10 minutes.

    My project browser and properties Windows in revit were visible but completely frozen, I could not select anything in them at all.

    Just thought I would post this issue in case anyone else has the same issue.

    It turned out that turning off the 3D Accelerator freed them up.
    I then closed down revit, opened it up again and turned 3D back on and everything seems to be working as it should (at least for now)

    Not sure what caused the issue, or why the 3D Accelerator would free this up but there you have it.

    HI, I had the same issue running win 10 + Revit 2017, I hadn't find a reason yet but tnx for posting your solution!, when I had this issue I just close revit and re open it and that makes the problem dissapear but its quite annoying:banghead:, regards
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      I've had it happen sometimes, mainly with the project browser. Opening the Revit options dialog (also starting a new project) fixed the issue.
      Julie Kidder
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        Was it making the windows error chime when you tried to select anything? I've had the properties window be frozen and make that noise, but I think the browser still worked. File>save as in the same location should fixe that problem.


          I had this happen a few times and every time (at home and at 2 former employers) after Revit crashed and I started it up again. There is a registry key (forgot which one after I found out the 3D Accelerator thing) you can delete to free them up again, but the 3D Accelerator trick is indeed a better and less scary one and one you can probably do at the office without the system admin freaking out

          Not sure about the windows error chime, will try to remember to check when it happens again.
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            The Browser can become unresponsive if the preferences get corrupted.

            I delete the Windows Registry key for Revit 2017 user preference. When the user gets back in Revit 2017, the preferences are rebuilt.
            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2017\Workspace
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              Just had this happen to me. Going into the graphic options and turning the 3D accelerator off then back on worked for me. Thanks for the fix!
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                There are several ways to "unfreeze: the Project Borwser
                Here's another:
                Went into View > User Interface > Browser Organization > then unchecked and rechecked the boxes to reset
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