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Handrail support spacings

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    Handrail support spacings

    Difficult problem here. I have created a wall-mounted handrail for a staircase.
    I am trying to change the spacings on M_support -metal- circular.
    But not sure how to do this. Using tabs I can select support.

    But the sort of information you can access under type properties is noticeably different to that accessible according to Autodesk support database. This literature refers to layout and spacing options but I cannot see these anywhere under properties or type properties.
    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    The railing support type properties can accessed when editing the handrail type properties found in the railing type properties. You can set the layout there by using the dropdown.

    FWIW, the easiest way to use railing supports that I have found is to set the support layout to "Fixed Number" and set the number to "1." This gives you one support that you can then copy around your railing. The support always stays aligned to the railing, so you don't have to worry so much about positioning.

    I also make the baluster part of the support so I can get the placement I want.
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