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copy monitor issue

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    copy monitor issue

    Has anyone had an issue with copy monitor on grid lines where the grid line is displaying as copy monitored in the ribbon. but in the model you can clearly see that the grid lines are not aligned with each other. when you go to coordination review and select the link you get the message in the second picture.
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    So no one else has run into this?

    Old school forum bump


      Copy/Monitor is technically two commands.

      The reason that's important is yes: you can monitor things that are not in the same place.

      Likewise, even if they started out in the same place, if it presented a coordination review because the one being monitored had moved, if the user told it to keep your grid where it was, it will then monitor it while it's in a differing location.

      So... Yep. It can happen.

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        yeah and I know where this comes from.

        It is more than likely your source file (and I am willing to bet its an Archicad export file)
        What I tend to do is go into that source file, in AutoCAD and clean it up a bit.
        I start with "flatten" command (select everything - or just type "all")
        and then I use "overkill" (select everything - or just type "all") and just tick the last 3 boxes in the dialogue box when it appears.

        This more often than not, will resolve that issue you see there.


          The grids come from structural and the levels come from architect on this project. The individual who is doing alot of the plumbing work is very green in regards to revit. I think more than likely the coordination issue was ignored. This is something I'll have to address at some point


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