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How to hide my elevation name??

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    How to hide my elevation name??

    How to hide my elevation view name
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    You can edit the tag and remove the lable from it I guess.
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    Revit Ideas: Is this family Mirrored? | Approve warnings | Family Type parameter just those in the family


      Thank you robin for the reply.
      But there is no tag or label option i searched for it


        there will be a label in the tag to remove

        click on your elevation marker and "edit type" and you will see what kind of marker has been used copy this name and then close up the edit type window.
        go down to families in your project browser and right click on "families" and enter the name you just copied

        It takes you to the marker family, now right click on that and edit.
        now you are in the family editor for that marker.
        Remove the label "view name" and just leave the circle and the label Inside of that (or edit it as you please)

        "Save as" and rename the view marker and keep it in your Library somewhere.
        "load into project and close"

        In your project again, click on the marker and edit type again.
        Now where the marker type is defined in that elevation marker, change it to the new one you just modified.



          Thank you for your reply. Your reply helps me to more about elevation maker and the functions of the elevation maker.


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