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    Automated sheets

    Hello guys, long time no see

    1.I am doing small house project, have maybe 20 sheets, so I have to put every view on sheet, in this project its something aroud 20 views, but on bigger project its time consuming, nerve also. Is there a way to put views elevations and sections automatic on sheets, every one view per sheet than I have only to center it? Guess dynamo can do this but I have never turn on that thing :bb:

    2.Is there a way to put immediately 20 sheets A3 format or so...

    3.When I put lets say from Floor Plan - Basement on sheet, I want to have label that is automatically renamed as Basement, or if I put two on one sheet lets say basement and section to rename Basement, Section in tile block label? Tried in family with parameters, but cant find that parameter that is connected with names of floor plans sections etc.

    If you always have the same type of house sizes, you could have everything setup in your template prior...then adjust or delete sheets as needed.
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      Regarding the sheets in a certain format. You can set up placeholder sheets in your template. Then when you use the New Sheet dialog, you can select multiple sheets you want to create and select a titleblock (say A3 format) and create those sheets.

      I agree with MP regarding having the views on the sheets already, but that kind of negates the response above.

      You can use the "Title on Sheet" parameter to have a different value for the drawing name on the sheet than the drawing name in the View Browser. You would want to set this up in your template and if you plan on copying views and would like to retain this parameter value, be sure you assign the Title on Sheet value prior to duplicating the view.

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        that is how I do but sometimes you have something bigger and you have to change on every sheet something, and that is pain in the a... so is there solution to my problem ?

        man sometimes i have feeling that people on forums hide their knowledge...
        here is something that could help, but as i can see this is plugin...
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          You should be able to achieve what you want with Dynamo but it would be a multi-step process.

          As for things moving on sheets -look at where your title block insert point is and go from there. If you always place views at the top left, then build your title block with top left as your insert point. When you change your TB to a different size everything is in the same position other than the size of the sheet.
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