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DOME BUILDING: Join Roof Command for Window Augmentations

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    DOME BUILDING: Join Roof Command for Window Augmentations

    Greetings All!

    Newbie Here Both to the forum and Revit!

    I'm trying to make the switch from AutoCad and have been working on my latest Dome Building Project in Revit.

    I have figured out 80% of what I want to do but I'm getting a few glitches that I can not work out.

    I have created two Dome Shapes by way of Model in Place-- Revolve.

    I have been able to interconnect them as I desire.

    My issues are with how I am attempting to make the Entry and Window Augmentations.

    I again made a Model in Place Roof to the curve of the window awing/augmentation feature I want and in one or two instances I was able to use the join roof command to connect it to the Dome Model-- However in the other instance I get an error the roof cannot be joined.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm way out of my league with something like this but based on what I do know you will probably want to get familiar with the massing environment and/or FormIt. Passt that I would need to defer to people with more experience in less conventional forms than me.
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      Elements will fail to join if they are *close* to coincident or overlapping at complex form edges, but arent perfect. I would pull the shapes for the window heads/waves well through the dome sphere, and see if they join then. If they do, use a Void revolve to "cut out" the insides.
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