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Angled bridge trusses and stiffener plates - nested and parametized families

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    Angled bridge trusses and stiffener plates - nested and parametized families

    Hello all,

    I need to create a set of families for a highway superstructure diaphragm. We are at early stages in the project, so the designers have not sent the final measurements yet. Therefore the families I create need to be adaptive to changes in parameters in the future, and need to be detailed enough at this stage in the project to be uploaded for a 50% check. I have found success in modeling the diaphragm stiffener plates in place, however there are so many different diaphragms designs in the project that have not been fully detailed yet that this is not an efficient process moving forward into further detail. I have searched online, and I believe that the solution is a nested family.

    My first solution was to create a truss family and the gusset families separately. Therefore, I have created a nested family for the gusset plates that will be attached to the girder webs. However I have not figured out how to parameterize the spacing between the gussets so that they can be placed correctly onto the truss face. Normally, in a generic family, I can create annotation parameters based off of reference lines, however the gusset plates will not stay attached to the reference lines that move with the annotation parameters. See the attachment for an example of my gusset family. Looking for other, more flexible solutions online led me to find someone with a similar idea.

    I found this discussion on Revitforum
    which has a similar product to what I need, however this is something that neither I nor my coworkers have done before and I do not have the skill set yet to create what I need. Are there any good tutorials for created nested parametric families, or a source of examples .rfa files I can download and experiment with? I do not yet understand the concept of workplane modes for moving my nested families based on notational parameters like I would do with a generic family model.

    More fundamentally, I am not sure how to use parameter nested families which move in angled space. I have read online about work planes, which seem similar to using annotation parameters for reference lines, however I have not yet successfully applied them. In the attached file I have an example of the gusset family that I want to use, and I have not successfully applied the parameters for changing the spacing and angles like I have successfully been able to do in a simple generic family. Is this because I should be working with work planes instead of reference planes? The nested family do not seem to move with the reference plane as I anticipated after working with generic models with annotation parameters.

    Thanks kindly for any assistance
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