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When material is changed no visual change can be identified

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  • Kye
    He doesn't need to use render appearance because his visual style is set to realistic.
    There could be several issues. There is a small I would call bug. You can try to create new view template (duplicate any and rename) and change all settings. This happened to me previously that Revit was simply not accepting changes to my view template settings so I had to recreate it again. It works 99%.
    Other issues can be if you duplicated material instead of creating new one. So if above doesnt work, create new material, with all the properties including images (generic and bump).
    You can try to replace material assets in the from appearance tab.

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  • Karalon10
    you need to go to the "graphics" tab in the material and set it to "use rendered appearance" near the top of the choices

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  • When material is changed no visual change can be identified

    I created foundation wall with concrete in caste C 75 material after changing it to copper their is no change visually but in my property palate it is changed

    Similarly in 2D same material with same elevation its not joining fo

    i attach few image for clarity of thoughts
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