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Installing multiple version of Revit from SCCM fails

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    Installing multiple version of Revit from SCCM fails

    I create Autodesk Revit packages, and have them distributed by SCCM via Task Sequences. When you select Task Sequences for Revit 2015, 2016 and 2017, the second and third option fails. Does anyone happen to know whether one needs to reboot the computer, after installing a version of Revit before installing another version?

    Don't know if this is a new issue, or simply it has always been this way....
    Baffled... at why there are so many SCCM Task Sequence failures with the Revit Task Sequences all of a sudden....

    I have been doing "Last 3 version" installs for a number of years, and I haven't had issues. But there are a few things I am doing that might impact that.
    1: I always install in release order. If you have three task sequences, and they can be run in any order, doing newer Revit first could cause issues.
    2: I disable Windows update during the Revit install (actually any Deployment based install), because I have had errors that seem to be related to WU actually updating some prerequisite before the Deployment is even complete, and the Deployment sees that as an error and rolls back. I have seen this happen when doing a single install, but I can imagine initially thinking it's a different problem if i was always doing multiple installs.
    3: Sometimes I do see an error that i can't nail down, and more often than not just rerunning the Deployment does work. And usually that means a restart, since my tool automatically logs off. But like I said, I often install multiple versions with no issues, so I think this is more of an anomaly than a consistent issue.

    Pragmatic Praxis


      Thank you, Gordon, for the advice. I think item 2 may be the key issue, since these are newly imaged machines. SCCM is probably running the Windows updates in the . At least your response is comforting that it should work.

      Yes, I try to install Revit by the oldest version first. I think SCCM is struggling with the prerequisites and Windows updates. I have less issues when I simply run the Autodesk package from the network drive, but our SCCM deployments add other plugins and stuff.

      Thank you again, Markus.


        In conclusion, the issue was C4R and the Unifi plugin. C4R requires that you uninstall a current Personal Accelerator before installing the newer version. After removing both elements from the SCCM Task Sequences, we have returned to a high installation success rate.


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