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I New Student of Revit,

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    I New Student of Revit,

    Hey Family,
    Good Day
    I started revit (2016)1 month back,now can i can make the simple model . can anyone please help me for giving me Families and Library , Need Help

    Hi there,

    From what I have seen and done myself is that most people will make their own families, becasue the stuff found on the web does not match their standards or are just rubish. A lot of people do not have a problem sharing their families though, so you might end up with a few. Can you tell us what kind of families you are looking for?

    I have a few on my website you are free to download (REVIT Families), use and reverse engineer if you like and there are a lot to be found on the web, but it is up to you if they are good enough fro you tu use.
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      Originally posted by Robin Deurloo View Post
      ...because the stuff found on the web does not match their standards or are just rubbish.
      Opinions vary quite a bit on using web content. Some people don't use any web content at all, some use it with some cleanup and adjustments to match internal standards and some people use it as-is. I personally am in the middle camp. I don't have time (or knowledge sometimes) to create everything I need from scratch, how I want it to work but finding a decent family and modifying it to work with my project usually doesn't take too much time. You do need to perform your own due diligence to make sure that everything is correct - I have gotten families from manufacturers that were not geometrically correct :banghead:

      If you are just starting with Revit keep in mind that what constitutes a good family will change and evolve as you learn more and you will end up rebuilding things more than once as you learn. In the short term sites like Arcat, BIMObject, Modlar, KCL and others are great resources.
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