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    Text not wrapping

    What controls whether or not Text Word-wraps?
    Or more accurately, Letter-wraps?

    I've got some Text elements in my template that don't wrap, even though the Text Box is smaller than the letters.
    I can create another Text using the same Style, and the new one wraps correctly.
    This is what it looks like in 2016
    Click image for larger version

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    The left one won't letter-wrap by adjusting the Grip of the Text box.
    If I edit the text, however, it immediately wraps.

    This has only become apparent with the upgrade to 2017, where the smaller box DOES wrap in 2017.
    Which screws up a bunch of Legends that were fine before and my Dynamo graph can't fix it because the Text Box is WAY too small instead of just a little too small.

    Or is this just one of those things that's been messed up forever?
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

    CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.

    Text wrapping appears to be a one way switch - once activated it can't be turned off:
    IsTextWrappingActive Property
    It does look like you can use Dynamo / Python to set the Width property of the TextNote to an acceptable value.

    This looks like it is related to the text-wrapping-changes-based-on-zoom-scale issue that was resolved in 2017.
    Chris Ellersick


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