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    In the view reference family – is it possible to get or add any other parameters than just Sheet and Detail Number?
    It would be great if you could access Project Number etc.


    What would be the point of adding the project number? How would you use it?

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      If you edit the family yes you can edit the labels and then choose which parameter they read from so yes it is theoretically, entirely possible to change your view reference tags to read almost any value you like from your project - my next question would be "why?". Your project number would normally already be shown on the title block of the sheet on which your view reference is placed, so to me it seems like doubling up on information.


        Is it possible to grab 2 or more view references and change both/all to point to a different view?

        I have set up a sleeving drawing with dependent views for each pour area. View references have been placed.

        Now I duplicated (with detailing) that parent sleeve drawing, to create my embed drawing, applying dependent views from sleeving. Problem is, all the copied view references are still referencing my sleeve drawings.

        So if it were a matter of a few views that would be fine but I have 12-15 views (one for each pour break). Practically all of them have adjacent views and multiple view reference tags

        I want to grab multiple view reference tags in my embed drawing and redirect them to the embed dependent views. Problem is (apparently) Revit doesn't do this. Can these be scheduled? Such a pain to roam around the drawing and pick, drop down, re-select...repeat ad nauseum.


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