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Window in dormer will not cut

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    Window in dormer will not cut

    Hello I am creating two dormers. For some reason the results I am getting are very different.
    In the left one I have already used dormer opening tool. In the right I have yet to do this.
    However, problem is that while on the right the window I drop in cuts a hole so that it is properly hosted but on the left the hole is not cut. I get error message:

    Can’t cut instance of 610 x 1220mm window out of wall.
    I thought I wouldonly get this error message if I was dropping window into a void or something like a door but clearly this is not the case.
    If you look at image you can see: a window embedded in a wall without cutting an opening!!????
    What is going wrong?
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    Can you share your rvt file, so we can troubleshoot?


      Stupid question - are they the same window family? From your image it looks like two different families, one possibly has a masking region in it.
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        OK here is file and thanks for any input you can give.
        I would also be grateful if you could answer other questions such as:
        If you look at right hand dormer in 16 05 17 Dormer problem. jpg you can see another problem I am having.
        I am trying to join small flat roof over dormer using join/unjoin roof tool but get error message:
        Part of the roof to be joined misses the target face.

        I am not sure why this is because flat roof clearly overlaps with 75 degrees Mansard roof.

        If it comes to that, why is junction of 2 planes of mansard roof so unsightly. Why does lower plane not run into upper plane smoothly?
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          I would make that mansard roof by extrusion. It will solve many (if not all) of the errors, and the dormers cutouts will work fine, including windows display.
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