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    RV Boost - DWG Explorer for Revit

    Hi Revit Forum!

    Thanks for letting us have this opportunity to promote our new app for Revit. Essentially, it provides an intuitive way for you to find all linked & imported DWGs in the model, see each of these in a good view, then decide whether to delete it or not.

    Please see below for more details on DWG Explorer :laugh:


    A quick way to spoil a model in Autodesk® Revit® is to dump lots of DWGs into it! This will create all sorts of issues with bloated file size, low responsiveness, high chance of model corruption, distorted view extents, rounding errors and graphical glitches, to name a few!

    With out-of-the-box Revit:

    1. You can’t see all linked & imported CAD files! Imported DWGs don’t show in Manage Links but clutter up Imported Categories. Here, there is no way to find or delete them. Good luck finding them manually; they can be hidden, obscured, not loaded or just lying outside of the view’ crop boundaries!

    1. It’s hard to check if a “Current view only” DWG is redundant. There’s no quick way to tell if these are still visible in their parent views to delete them if necessary.

    1. You can’t purge linked or imported CAD files by type! Even after you have deleted all copies of a DWG, its type may still linger in Imported Categories.


    DWG Explorer addresses all these 3 shortcomings:

    1. You can instantly get a report of all CAD files in the model. Not just DWGs but also DXFs, DGNs, SKPs or SATs. Each file will show if it is linked or imported as well as view-specific or not. A Show button allows opening a view in which the CAD file is visible and selected, ready to be removed if necessary.

    1. You can see any view-specific CAD file’s parent view & its visibility in that view. You can now safely delete a view-specific DWG not currently visible anywhere!

    1. You can finally purge linked or imported CAD files by type! A second report will show all CAD file types in the model, each with its number of instances. A Delete buttons helps instantly remove obsolete types along with all of its copies!

    DWG Explorer is available for Revit 2016 and later on the official Autodesk App Store.

    Try DWG Explorer for Revit 2016
    Try DWG Explorer for Revit 2017
    Try DWG Explorer for Revit 2018

    Have a 30-day fully functional trial and get back some valuable off-screen time you can better spend elsewhere!


    DWG Explorer is very easy to use. However, a user instruction is below if you need it:
    After installing DWG Explorer, you can launch it from Revit’s Add-Ins tab. Upon opening, the plugin will show the CAD INSTANCE REPORT. Here, you can see all CAD files in the model, each on one line along with its key properties.

    To sort the report by a property, click on its column header.

    Click SHOW to select a CAD file & see it in a good view.

    If you know for sure a CAD file shouldn't be in the model, click Delete to remove it immediately.

    If you want the report to update as CAD files are added to or removed from the model, keep the “LIVE REPORT UPDATE” box checked. In big Revit models, you may want to clear this to avoid long disruptions every time DWG Explorer re-scans the model.

    To review CAD file types, switch to the second tab, CAD LINK TYPE REPORT. Here you can see on each line a CAD file type, the number of its instances in the model and then a button for deleting it.

    You can, of course, undo the delete if necessary.

    That’s all you need to master DWG Explorer! For even more details, please visit DWG EXPLORER - WITH FREE 30-DAY TRIAL - RV Boost

    Let us know any questions and suggestions you may have at [email protected].

    Many thanks,

    The RV Boost team

    (Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, AutoCAD and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.)

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