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Addin for manage Revit join, Family browser

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    Addin for manage Revit join, Family browser

    Hi all, I just publish an addin, It can automatic join all elements in model and manage them. When you join elements in Revit they will join with Revit default rule (ex: floor cut beam, column cut architect wall, ...) but with this addin you can change this rule (by join rule panel). It is very useful for quantity take-off.

    This addin also have feature to manage your family files (family browser). Everyone has collections of family files so manage them is very difficult but with this addin you can manage them easily.

    You can download it by these link:
    2016 Version
    2017 Version

    Here is some video for addin feature. I hope this can be useful to your work.

    Autojoin all elements:

    Auto switch join with join rule:

    Family Browser:

    And some free feature:

    Auto disallow or allow wall & beam join

    Section box from plan view

    Thanks you!

    I shall be playing with this Monday!


      Guys what's with all the ugly noise about a "TATregistry" ?

      After attempting to recreate results as seen in the video using the smallest of tests (three adjacent, touching - but not joined - walls) using the default settings it doesn't do anything, and then BOOM! "Trial Lisence was expired!" :banghead:

      I can forgive the poor spelling and grammar, and I know $40 ain't much, but I will never pay to play if I don't know what the game is.

      EDITS Monday morning is no excuse for rudeness - my apologies.
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        It's seem to be something gone wrong with Registry file (TATregistry.exe). It file only run in first run of the addin. I tested on many computer but I have never encountered this error. My addin was tested by autodesk guys before they public it on, so you should understand that the above error is not my desirable.

        Sorry about that!

        Anyway, I hope you try to reinstall this addin and send me request code, I'll send you the lisence key for active.

        To get request code, please read guide below:

        You can get request code by click on "Setting"

        + In the next form, click any "purchase" text.

        + In the next form, Copy Request Code by press Crtl + C or click "Copy Request Information to Clipboard" button

        + Finally you need paste request information into email (by Crtl+V) and send it to me at "[email protected]" or "[email protected]"

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          I installed as admin, but ran as user, so maybe that's where it tripped up?

          I've other stuff to be looking at right now - but if I get the time, maybe I'll throw it back on later today/in the week.


          (and apologies for the rather rash callout - apologetic edit on it's way)


            Thank you!

            When you try it again, please send me the request code (by email or commend here) because your lisence was expired. When TATregistry can't run the addin will mark your lisence is expried.

            For others, I will give lisence key for anyone comment request code in this topic (50 earlies guys).

            If you have any question please comment here.

            Edit: I think the reason why it didn't do anything when you use default setting is you didn't tick element types in setting panel. Panel show what element type and quantity model have.

            For example, when you tick "Wall Basic (Structural)" + "Structural Framing-Concrete" and you chose "Only checked element", It will only join:
            "Wall structural" VS "Wall Structural"
            "Beam concrete" VS "Beam concrete"
            "Wall structural" VS "Beam concrete"
            Other element types will be not joined.

            This picture for example, when you tick "Wall Basic (Structural)" + "Structural Framing-Concrete" but you chose "All element intersect them", It will join:
            "Wall structural" VS all element type
            "Beam concrete" VS all element type
            Other element types (steel beam, generic model, ...) will be not joined if they didn't intersect with "Wall structural" or "Beam concrete".

            *To join all element you need tick all element types.

            1. Wall structural, wall architectural, floor structural, floor archiectural are difined by parameter "Structural":

            2. Beam concrete, steel, wood, other are difined by parameter "Material for model behavior" (you can see it when you edit family file)
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              I've sent my request - but whilst I wait for the release code (no rush) on reading the above, I thought I'd just check something...

              I note the wording "intersection" - but my use-case would need the addin. to join-geometry of "touching" (not clashing) adjacent walls -as per these shots...

              Am I going to be disappointed?
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                My addin only join clashed elements, but in your case I have an idea (not really good):

                + Change wall thickness to bigger than real value (Example: 200mm -> 201mm), now your walls are clashed
                + Run the addin to join (only tick walls)
                + Change wall thickness to real value (201mm -> 200mm)

                But with large model changing the wall thickness is take a lot of time. (Revit solving very slow)

                I have same problem but my customer don't want join geometry they want normal door in first wall and door with only opening in second wall because they need schedule it in Solibri software. I'm working for this addin.

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                  Thought as much - oh well, never mind, will keep looking for a solution.

                  But to keep the observations going...

                  Following the successful run post-installation, returning to my (regular) user account I get this "new" error - suggesting the addin. requires admin. rights - which is just a no go for us. Something to consider.
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                    How do you get that message? (join geometry, disallow join, etc...)
                    Can you show me what's your Revit version 2016 or 2017 And detail of this error?

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