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Move a Group to a different Workset

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    Move a Group to a different Workset

    When changing elements from one Workset to another I can select the elements and adjust the value in Properties > Identity Data > Workset. This is good.
    For some of my Model Groups the field is grayed out and inactive. What would cause this please? What do I need to do?
    Thanks in advance.

    Elements in groups are designed to take on the group's designated workset. Having said that I've seen plenty of elements in groups not conforming and showing the workset they were originally placed in before being grouped. Number one user error i see is people using the wrong worksets.
    How to fix? While editing the group, cut and paste aligned to same place works but sometimes only in that 1 group. If you have a bunch of group instances remove elements from group first, finish group, then edit group and add element back in. Be careful though as this may cause double ups of identical instances in same place.
    Easiest way is to train users to use worksets properly!
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