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Removing "Quantification" Tab.

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    Removing "Quantification" Tab.

    Dear Forum.

    Head's up, I'm a newbie so this is probably something very basic

    While in the past I've dipped in and out of Revit for exporting to my regular design software, I have some time between projects and was looking to try modelling some pipe, get more familiar with it, etc.

    One of the things I was looking to do to help speed the learning so to eliminate unneeded tabs so help simplify the amount of visible commands, etc. There had been some add-ins installed and I was able to uninstall some of them. I also unchecked unneeded tabs 'Architectural', 'Structural', 'Electrical' and 'Massing & Site tab and tools' (I do sprinkler design so only need 'Piping tools').

    All of that is great, except there is one tab remaining, called "Quantification". Does anyone know - Is this an 'Add-in'? Or part of the "base Revit toolbars/tabs". I didn't see anything for it in Control Panel>Programs and it seems strange that it wouldn't be a tab that can be removed in 'Options' similar to Architectural/Structural, etc. if it was part 'base Revit'.

    In looking at the tools within the Quantification tab it doesn't look like anything I'd need, at least initially. Do I need this? Is there a way of getting rid of it if I don't?

    I know it's not end of world problem, but would like to know what it is, etc.

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.

    Think Quantifcation is part of the Roombook add-in.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      That's it Michael! Thank you! Cleans it up a bit more for me .
      Best Regards.


        Is there a "Mark as Solved" type feature to this forum that I should be doing?


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