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10 Story Building

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    10 Story Building

    I am working on a 10 story building (400 sqm) in revit structure 2012. Since I am new to Revit, I want to know if I am using the updated knowledege.
    Let me kindly ask all of you that if you had the same project how would you model the reinforcement and bar bending schedule of that. I mean is it easier for you to do both the reinforcement and bending schedule in revit or do the reinforcment in revit and bending schedule in another program or ...?

    Please also write the advantages of your procedure.
    This can be a general idea for all the new guys to revit on how to do the reinforcement and bending schedules in an easier way.

    Wish you all the best

    Ali Akbar

    It seems that my question is very stupid. Anyway, I need to know the easier way to prepare the detailed structural/construction drawings of a 10 story building.
    It is better to do it inside revit (which seems not fair for me to do many many sections in Revit. If we have two sections for each beam and column, this would produce a very huge file) or export the model in another program and do the sections of beams and columns.

    Please give me your fruitful opinions.

    Thanks a million

    Ali Akbar


      You have now asked two completly different questions.

      If you model the plans in Revit, you should be able to easily detail sections in Revit. That is the beauty of the software, details are quick and easy if the model is correct

      Rebar can also be done, but if this is your first Revit project, I would probably concertrate on doing all GA's including sections in Revit, and still doing the Rebar in your other package, particularly if you are using CADSRC or something

      Hope that helps
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        I want to make the column and beam sections as seen in the sample attached files. However, as you may notice, this will produce lots of sections (including the elevation sections and cross sections) for the beams and columns of the 10 story building modeled in Revit Struture 2012. Even it is difficult to manage these sections.

        I want to know the more efficient and more standard way of doing such job.

        Meanwhile, I have also tried doing that in AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2012 which looks not bad. However, I have faced some problems such as not being able to export the columns from 1 to 10 as one section (elevation/tall sections as seen in the attached) and or multispan beams as one beam. It exports every element as one element and this is not what I want.

        Please show me the map of doing such jobs.

        Thanks for your assistance

        Warm Regads,
        Ali Akbar
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