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how to connect Accelerator Server with Revit Host Server ?

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    how to connect Accelerator Server with Revit Host Server ?

    please help me how to connect accelerator with Revit host server, how they will be communicate which changes i make on accelerator ?

    I have two Servers Computers, in one Server Computer I have install Host, Accelerator and Admin Roles which is my main Server central models (Host Server) which is reside in head office.
    And 2nd Server Computer I have install only Accelerator role which reside on branch office for model cache, the branch office workstations are connected with that Accelerator Server.

    So my question is that how can I make relationship between Host Server and Accelerator Server/ how to connected Accelerator Server with Host Server, which configuration changes I make on Accelerator to communicate with main and how the changes will be transfer from Accelerator to the Host Server / to head office.

    What I will do? If I make a RSN.ini file on Accelerator and map the host Server IP then the changes from Accelerator will be transfer to main Host Server and the central model will be cache in Accelerator? or what to do on Accelerator Server to communicate with main host Server and cache the central model to Accelerator which will then use by the local user in branch office. ???

    Thanks for your kind help

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    In order for the Revit Server Network (RSN) to work all of the components need to have identical RSN.ini files. This configuration file points to the Revit Server Host. e.g. here is the location for Revit 2017 "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit Server 2017\Config\rsn.ini"

    Revit Server Host, Revit Server Accelerators and all workstations with Revit 2017 need to have this configuration file. RSN operates on ports 808 and 80, so make sure the firewalls permit this port. If you are connecting to an outside firm, it is typical to create a VPN between firms.



      The specific step by step instructions are in the post right above yours. What did you try, already, and what isnt working?
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