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    Internal Parameters


    I'm currently working on a project to create a more customizable rigid frame than what is already available in revit. I decided to start from scratch to maximize the amount of adjustable parameters in the family.

    Since I started with absolutely no experience in creating families, I made the decision to create a beam family and column family that I would later combine. Both beam and column separately have all of the parameters properly assigned as I would like them.

    Now, I'm attempting to create a singular rigid frame family that contains both the beam and the column within it. I'm wondering how I can import both family's parameters to be editable within the full rigid frame family. Preferably, I'd like to accomplish this without a shared parameters file so that the singular rigid frame family file can be transferred around work.

    I can see that the parameters for the column and beam can be edited within the editor, but I'm dubious to whether this can be done in a normal project without editing the family file itself.

    Any help is appreciated

    About five minutes after posting this, I realized revit probably doesn't have an option for that and so I went ahead and created an entire singular family.

    But thanks for all the help guys!


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