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Retro-fitting Shared Parameters to modelled elements

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    Retro-fitting Shared Parameters to modelled elements


    We are looking to add a shared parameter to all elements in a model en-masse. Is this possible?


    If added at the project can assign a shared parameter to a category. All families in that category will have that parameter. Eliminates the need to open every single family and add the parameter.
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      The model we have is of an existing bridge (modelled from a point cloud - Looks awesome!!). As some of the elements had to be modelled in place and are objects not within the delivered toolset they have been modelled as 'Generic Models'. Others have been modelled as Columns etc. I'm assuming when you say Categories you mean these?

      You will have to forgive me...Im a Revit Newbie. Could you provide a step by step please?


        Not to worry...I figured it out (Google) myself!

        For anyone else who reads this with the same question I had...

        1) In the Project, go to Manage> Project Parameters.
        2) Click Add. This brings you to the normal(ish) dialogue box for shared parameters but with the addition of a Category selection pane.
        3) Select the Shared Parameter/s you want to add. Make sure you have the correct settings (type/instance etc.) selected
        4) Check the categories you want to add the SP to
        5) Click Ok


        If you need any more help, check the following link out...

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