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scale nested family within a family (2017)

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    scale nested family within a family (2017)

    I am in the process of creating some 2D plan Tree families. I would like to have several types within the family for the different diameter canopies for those trees. is there a to have a nested 2D linework family nested into another family and have that nested family be able to scale at different canopy diameter intervals? reason being is I would create several different canopy diameters but the size someone else might want and I did not create I would like for them to be able to add a type in the family that matches the size (canopy diameter) that they want.
    is there a way to create a parameter that will scale these nested families? or am I moving in the wrong direction?

    There's a "planting family nested in a planting family" method which works if you care to google, but imho it just adds weight to the project and it still requires some form of 3d geometry (even if it's invisible) to actually make the scaling work.
    I just use a detail family with several nested dc's of varying sizes to give the users those type options.
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