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Creating combo tag

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    Creating combo tag

    Hi and thanks for all the great answers.

    I want to create a "combination tag" that is for the footing and column both - in the same tag. See attached image for what I would like to it look like.

    I know all about modifying the tag to have the box around it but not sure what to do for the rest, and I'm guessing it might not be possible but if it is, feel free to chime in.

    Thank you all very much.
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    Hi DCLowery,

    Problem is that the column and footing are separate elements. Unless you've grouped them or made a combo family.

    You can easily make a combo tag with text or other parameters but you'll only ever be tagging the column OR the footing. If you tag the column and change the type of footing, your tag won't reflect that.

    If you want to "go with the flow" of revit, you'd be better off tagging the column AND the footing separately and thereby anticipating the day that you'll have a column with a different footing, or vice versa.
    Kamran Mirza
    Chartered Architect RIBA, ARB, PCATP


      I figured so. slowly, slowly I am contorting myself to go along with how Revit works. No sense fighting the ocean.

      What I did was make the two tags and it works nicely because the boxes snap together nicely. While we are on this subject is there anyway to have the isolated footing tags appear NEXT to the footing so they are legible just as in the image? Or does Revit think they should be directly where the column goes?


        You can either:

        1. Use the leader for the tag and align the tags together OR

        2. You can move the distance that the tag is from the centre of the family by editing the tag and moving it away from the reference lines' centre crossing [if I remember correctly, I'm not on revit right now].
        Kamran Mirza
        Chartered Architect RIBA, ARB, PCATP


          Another trick that may be handy for you is the "Tag All Not Tagged" tool (TANT) It's right next to Tag on the Annotate ribbon.
          Typically, you'd use TANT to, say add Room numbers on the entire Ceiling Plan.
          You could use it once for your Footings and again for your Columns.
          One little-known trick, though, is that if you don't want to Tag EVERYTHING in the View, you can use a Selection first. If elements are highlighted when you run TANT, it will Tag only the elements you have Selected that belong to the Category you're tagging.

          Even better, in 2018, you can select multiple categories. So you can do both your Footings and your Columns in one operation.
          Dave Plumb
          BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

          CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


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