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Export Shared-parameters to IFC

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    Export Shared-parameters to IFC

    Hello all,

    I am relatively new in Revit-IFC. I am trying to export my shared parameters from Revit to IFC file format. I am using the Revit 2017 and I found this option: R>Export>IFC>Modify Setup>Property sets>Classification Settings

    I noticed that when I select a Name and in the Classification Field Name tab write one of my shared-parameters , when I export my project in IFC and check it with the Solibri Model Viewer, I don't lose the specific parameter.

    My questions are:
    1. Is this the correct way to preserve the shared parameters when I export to IFC?
    2. In the Classification Field Name cannot I have multiple field names? ( I tried to separate the names of my parameters with comma or semicolon but it doesn't work)
    3.Why when I import the IFC file directly in Revit I completely lose my shared-parameters? (When I import the IFC file in SMV I have the parameter).

    Any comments or suggestions that will help me to understand better how it works the export from Revit to IFC.

    Thank you in advance!

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