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Cuttable Family not cutting?

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    Cuttable Family not cutting?

    I'm unsure what is going on with the attached family and it is making me question where I went wrong with my life. I'm trying to develop this family which contains a few accessories for dock doors and can't seem to figure out why it is not cutting in the project environment (dock seal head is visible when outside of the view range). That's the question in a nutshell (why isn't this cutting in plan view).
    The majority of my frustration with this family comes because I had previously nested a dock enclosure inside of the attached dock seal family and was having the same visibility issues that I now see I'm also having with the seal. So, after fighting the nested dock enclosure and deciding that I was just going to abandon ship on that because of the visibility issues, I've noticed the same issue resides with the dock seal.

    I'm guessing that the issue has something to do with the fact that I've got a face hosted family nested into a door family but truely, I don't have a clue at this point.

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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    No help on this one yet...Any suggestions? It doesn't seem like I'm trying anything too out of the box so I'm having a hard time determining if I need to go back to the drawing board on this or how would you "revit jedi" handle this?


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        Thanks Andrew! I re-attached the file.


          This seems to be an issue with door-category families. I checked here:
          If a family is cuttable, the family displays as cut when the cut plane of a view intersects that family in all types of views. In the Family Element Visibility Settings dialog, there is an option called When cut in Plan/RCP. This option determines if family geometry is shown when the cut plane intersects that family. For example, in door families, the geometry for plan swing is set to be shown when the door is cut in plan views and not shown when the door is not cut

          and Doors are listed as cuttable families, but they do not appear to behave the same as other cuttable families. (maybe someone else knows why??) The geometry seems to always display in projection (despite what it says here: Even the OOTB doors have their geometry set to not display in plan/RCP. If you change your seal to a Generic Model category, it will cut as expected. If you need it to remain as a Door category item, you might want to create linework (or a detail component) that mimics the geometry.
          Chris Ellersick


            Thanks so much for the feedback and references Chris! Figures as much that not all the cuttable families are cuttable, pretty much sums up this software (dig and dig until you realize you dug yourself into the wrong hole even though autodesk told you which hole to dig in). Sounds like the most efficient option at this point is to detail those items out which is an option, just a ridiculous one being that the model is there. Either instance, I really appreciate the help!


              Hi all!

              In our office we just stumbled upon the same problem as you guys did. We developed two window Families and the both behave in a different way (plan View in the Project). The both families don’t have any nested families inside, so they were developed from scratch.

              I just checked the following frequently problematic issues:
              1. Cut plane on the both windows family: 1,30m;
              2. No nested Families inside: Sashes, Rails or Single window;
              3. Visibility Properties are ALL turned on;
              4. Extrusions and Sweeps developed following the same “construction” rules;
              5. Category Family is the same: Window

              When we load the two different Families to the same Default Project (as attached) they behave differently. So, the Window1 behaves well (without the Line Overrides being needed), showing the different cut elements (set to 1,30m in the default Project), but the Window 2 don’t show the same elements. It just like if some white Hatch is over this elements.

              As soon as we change the category from Window to Generic Model like you suggested (on the Window2), this” behaves well. But changing this category means that we will have to set our windows lists (on the project) again, which our office would strongly like to avoid. We don’t believe that this category “theme” is the problematic one here, due to the fact that Window1 has the “Window” category and is displayed correctly…

              We are fairly new to Revit (about 3 Years now) and we don’t know what we are missing out here…
              I must apologize for the Parameters German Naming, but it’s what we use in the office.

              Thank you very much for all your possible Inputs.
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                Hello everyone,

                I was looking for the solution to this problem a while ago and finally came up with a way to solve this.

                For some reason, Revit understands that the family should be read as cuttable only once and then can never be revised by the program, so it's no use updating that family once it has been loaded.

                To solve the problem, you must load the window family considering the project's cut line. So if your cut line is at 1.20m your window should be being cut inside the family at that height. It will not do any good if the window is 0.40m and is referenced 0.10m from the floor. If you want this measure to be maintained, you will have to raise the window until the family cut line matches the cut line of the project. Remembering that this WILL NOT WORK IF THIS FAMILY HAS ALREADY BEEN IMPORTED FOR ARCHIVE PREVIOUSLY. Sounds stupid I know, but it works.

                Same thing when creating nested families. Always keep in mind where the cut line is before importing each new family.
                Once loaded it should work correctly, even if the cut line is changed during the project.importing each new family.

                Once loaded it should work correctly, even if the cut line is changed during the project.


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