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How to create a sloping beam welded to a column?

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    How to create a sloping beam welded to a column?

    Good day, people. Hai!

    I´ve started with Structure practices by my own and I can´t figure out or get any help through tutorials in YouTube to resolve lots of my doubts about steel connections. Hope someone can help me here. One of those doubts that give me headache is How can I create a sloping beam welded to a column?

    First at all, I use Revit '16 and '17. Both got differences in steel commands so I don´t know where´s the option to make welds in '17 because in '16 at the moment one click "Beam to column" it gives a choice between Bolted or Welded connections. Where´s that option in '17?

    Now, the first image shows what Im trying to do and the second one got 3 issues that I cannot fix.
    The first issue is pretty obvious showing up the problem (doesn´t preserv the beam inclination).
    2nd issue... I wouldn´t know what to do with those holes, how to cover´em? and if I want the beam width be the same of the column, goodbye to those holes 'cause Revit will just cut the column and put the beam over it. By the way, the beam shouldn´t cut too the second side because it doesn´t pass through... still Revit made the cut.
    3th issue, beam and column are spliced. More than cheat, is worthless. If I want a Cut View, then there can be seen that isn´t an integral bond as I specifiy with those red circles.
    Only option for me this moment is to create the whole thing as a family... Is it the only way?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Ref Plane

    You could use a reference plane and cut it at the reference plane
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      Im pretty sure the "assemblies" part of revit will automatically do this connection for you.


        Assemblies will not create automatic connections, it will create only the views
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