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Publich Health Design on Revit using BS standards

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    Publich Health Design on Revit using BS standards

    Dear Revit users,
    I have a question about using BS standards on Revit public health designing.
    Is there are many differences between BS and IPC standards.

    As you know Revit uses IPC codes as a default and i am also got used to IPC standards. However the Company which interested in to hire me, going to ask me BS standards and i am worried a lot about it. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. What are the difference on BS fixture units and IPC fixture units? And also what is differences on conversion of fixture units to flow rate between BS and IPC?

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    Take a look at this for calculating to other standards using schedules.

    or if you can do a bit of programming check out this; The Building Coder: User MEP Calculation Sample
    Im not much good at C# but I managed to modify this example add in to do flows from fixture units based on a dutch standard.
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