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how create family for engineering

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    how create family for engineering

    i'd like to know what will be the best way to create family.
    we are making drawings for HVAC utilities and with some families we need holes/pocket/reservation in order to make the device pass trough a wall, and roof. the best thing to do will be to include in the family the reservation and in the project to use some kind of filter, template which would eprmite me to show on a drawing the reservation for concrete studies and another drawing the device, the ducts and the pipes for the process
    there would be others examples for process or electricity.... well... not easy to handle this software for the first times...
    I know you can use subcategories but it seems to be used for architectural drawing because you can change material color (not intersting for me) ; matérial could be useful but i'm sure sure to know how i can manage it on my prject...
    well every idea are welcome!!
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    You can try using a Duct Fitting (Union) or Duct Accessory, with a block that is bigger than the size of the duct (Size plus 50mm) and long enough to pass through the wall.
    If you make the block as a nested family that is shared you can also schedule it separately, for example you might want it to be a Generic Model or something.
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