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Revit 2017 - Text, Font Problem

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    Revit 2017 - Text, Font Problem

    Hello, I've got problem with text in Revit 2017. After Upgrade (also starting new project from template) text font is dense as on attached picture, in Revit views it looks fine but after printing to PDF font becomes dense. It appears with text, labels are not affected. It's not about PDF printing program because it starts as soon as I click preview and it hapens only on my computer, other in office preview and print correctly.

    Formating PC & reinstaling Revit didn't help.

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    There was a major TEXT overhaul in Revit 2017.
    This blog post may help you to understand what happened.
    Leanne Zaras, CDT, LEED AP
    AutoCAD 2010 Certified Professional / Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional / Revit Structure 2015 Certified Professional
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      It is a little bit different, changing font size or font type still keeps it look dense. It is displayed properly while working but while printing it becomes wrongly displayed (only on my PC).


        We had been receiving feedback from our users that Revit 2017 fonts displayed different on output to PDF or printing. Users were already on the latest update which is 2017.2. Here are links that describe the issue resolved due to a Microsoft hotfix -, Revit 2017 Font Printing Woe's - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog and After applying hotfix the machine needs to be restarted. Hope this resolves your issue.


          Try a New PDF maker

          For the last few releases, I've had recurring glitches printing PDF's. Not pringing, missing things, etc.

          For me, each time the fix has been to switch to a new/different PDF maker.

          I am currently using PDFCreator from PDF Forge. My elderly version of Adobe Acrobat stopped working well with Revit a long time ago.


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