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[Revit MEP] - System type added to PlaceDuct/Pipe options bar

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    [Revit MEP] - System type added to PlaceDuct/Pipe options bar

    Applies to: - Revit MEP

    New Feature / Problem:
    The pipe or duct system type can only be changed in the instance properties panel. It should be located with the other quick use items like size and offset on the options bar.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    I would like to see the System Type drop down menu added to the options bar when the user selects Place Pipe or Place Duct. You can already choose the diameter or size along with the offset. It is a nuisance to have to go find the system type in the instance properties menu since I usually have it located on another screen. I often find myself drawing a bunch of pipe or duct in the wrong system type and then have to go back later to fix it.

    When I draw a duct or pipe I like to use a keyboard shortcut and then look at the options bar to verify my size and offset. Currently I have to then look at another screen to check my system type.

    This would greatly increase speed in system design. It would lead to fewer mistakes.

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