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Linked Revit and local copies

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    Linked Revit and local copies

    Hey all,

    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, concerning this particular problem I've encountered , your help would be appreciated.

    I have the Structural, Architectural, and Equipment files linked to our mechanical file of a workshared project. Once I save a local copy everything works as it should as long as I'm connected to the server. So if I open the project from a local file on the job site, I only get the Mechanical file, none of the links. Does revit not save the links to a local copy as well?


    Nope, it references the original save location. So if you go offsite then you need to grab all the linked files too. Keep in mind, any changes you make at the jobsite won't be able to be saved back to the original central file....unless you happen to be the only one working on it...then you can just save over the central file.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      Assuming that you don't need to make changes to the project that need to be saved back to the central file, you can use eTransmit to make copies of your files. eTransmit makes detached copies of the central file and all the links.
      If you need to make changes and save back to the central file, I think you will be mostly out of luck in this scenario.



        if you (the team) used Collaboration for Revit, and you had internet access on the job site, then the models would be "live linked" and you would see all the updates.
        Scott D Davis
        Sr. AEC Technical Specialist
        Autodesk, Inc.


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