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Imported .SAT file not properly showing in plan

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    Imported .SAT file not properly showing in plan

    Hello All,

    I am currently working a project where my client has given me some .sat files for their equipment to placed into my Revit (2016) model. This project uses phases (the equipment being imported is affected by this) so I am unable to just import the .sat files into my model and go from there. unless i want to go through each view of each phase and insure that it is hidden or not (no budget for that). I have no problem getting the equipment to properly show with this method.

    The method that I am using so I can phase the equipment is creating a generic model family and import the family to project from there. The only views I am having problems with are plan views. I have made sure that my view range, phase filters, and visibility/graphics overrides are correct.

    See screen captures; the first shows what I get with a plan view (note the rectangle shown is created by me) the second shows everything I need however I only get this when I reveal hidden elements (the family is not hidden).

    Any help or direction would be much appreciated!


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    Is imported categories turned on? Are you using a cuttable family category?
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      Try importing the SATs into an in-place or RFA Family with a Category that cuts the way you want it. Imports just in an RVT and not within a Family do not cut.


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