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goBIM and Revit Family Information

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    goBIM and Revit Family Information

    Hello All,

    I have been looking for a way to link the information that I wanted to add in the Revit file with help of a external text or excel file.
    Until now, I used to add the information manually, which consumes a lot of time. And my sister companies uses the same Revit family with the information added in their country language.

    Manually adding the copy of the same Revit family with information in different country language is actually a lot of work.

    Then I came across something called goBIM, they says there is an option to link the product information into the Revit files, and also there is a drop-down option to choose the language as well. As you choose the language the information gets updated into that language selected, which is really a cool option.

    My question is, to achieve this how much initial work has to be done by me. And they were doing this for a single type. To update the information, should we update it in all the available types individually?

    Is there anyone out there who knows about goBIM, or who already uses this software. Then please give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance

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