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    A Schedule Question...How Do I...

    We are doing a renovation of a hospital radiology department. We have to identify all existing walls containing lead and their associated rooms. I am trying to think of some way to create a schedule that will contain both wall information, type and area, plus the associated room info, room name and number.

    I am scratching my head. Is this even possible?

    Before you mentioned pulling the room info in I would have jumped at : "LEAD" YES/NO instance parameter for walls, , schedule filter for said parameter, show fields for area, type, comments, whatever.

    With room info, perhaps you could use a wall hosted family (empty of any geometry) - you should be able to schedule (out, with filters) that sole family/type in a room schedule.

    I am of course, suggesting all this without Revit to hand to test and verify.


      You may be on to something. One option would be to create an instance parameter, Lead, Yes/no and just create a couple dummy wall parameters for the room name and number and type that info in. I don't have a ton of rooms to do this with...maybe 10 or 12 total.


        I know it's not proper use of categories but use a Door or Window Family Template. Those are the ONLY ones able to automatically tie the Wall to a Room.
        Create a new Door. Delete the opening. Place a marker on both sides Exterior and Interior (2D symbol or 3D if needed). Now you can create a Door schedule, filter on this family and tie everything together with the room properties when you place them on LEAD walls.
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