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Room tag not bounding to extent of room

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    Room tag not bounding to extent of room

    I have just started in this new company and the project i have been given seems to have a few bugs perhaps. One in particular is the extent of the room tags which seem to be going around invisible objects inside the room extent. The room bounding lines are on so they are not present and i have tried turning off floors and topography thinking that they might be interfering. Any Suggestions?


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    Turning things off won't change them, you'd have to remove the elements. I don't know if topo can be room bounding, but the odd shape of the bounding makes it more likely. It will be something at the rooms computation height (0' is the default) It could be a finish floor or a linked model with room bounding turned on. If the topo is inside the building modify it so it is not (usually done by adding a building pad). If topography is made using elements like floors or roofs they might contribute to it.

    I'd start by cutting a section through the offending areas and seeing what's there.
    Julie Kidder
    Architect + BIM Director
    Hartman + Majewski Design Group


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